Let’s Talk Money, Honey: Athletic Scholarships with Olympian Darrell Hill!

Let’s Talk Money, Honey is a segment where I interview people, who I believe to be experts, on various topics. We all know that I am not an expert on everything, so I use this segment to bring you expertise, perspective and opinions from others.

For many people growing up in the inner city, sports is their ticket to college. In order to cash in that ticket, it is important for you to understand the truth behind athletic scholarships – the good, the bad  and the ugly. I had the opportunity to sit down with Olympian, Darrell Hill, and interview him about his experiences with athletic scholarships. I asked Darrell the simple questions, but most importantly I asked the tough questions. The technical questions about what happens when you only get a partial scholarship and the emotional questions about how it feels to be a winner with a partial scholarship while there are losing teams who have players with full scholarships.

In addition to the recruitment process and scholarships, Darrell also shares with us how athletes get money for their day to day expenses (most of them don’t have time to work a job), and how he survived financially as he trained for the olympics.

Also – did y’all peep that I linked Darrell’s Wikipedia page above? MY FRIEND HAS A WIKIPEDIA PAGE!!!!!!! DOPE AF!

Also, all of his accounts are verified so make sure you follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

By Khadija Bingham

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