Let’s Talk Money Honey: Can I Afford Therapy?

Here’s your recap of June’s segment of Let’s Talk Money Honey!

Let’s Talk Money Honey is back and we’ve kicked it off talking about mental health with Kenya Crawford. For now, Let’s Talk Money Honey will be held monthly on Instagram Live – which gives viewers the opportunity to interact and ask questions real time.

This month was our kick-off month, and the segment went extremely well! We had a few technical difficulties, but it was nothing that us two girl bosses couldn’t handle. We had a great discussion around mental health, therapy and the cost of everything. Following the segment, I caught up with Kenya and she provided the below information for me to share with anyone who missed it!

1. If you are looking to start  your journey to find a mental health professional, here are a few great places to search

2. Here are three questions you should consider when thinking about seeking mental health guidance

  • What goals do you want to work on in therapy?
  • How will you know when you have achieved those goals?
  • What could possibly get in the way of you doing the emotional work required to reach your goals?

3. Here are three questions you should ask the therapist/agency when searching for the right therapist

  • What experience do you have working individuals with the similar concerns as I?
  • What therapeutic approaches are you trained in?
  • How long do you plan to be working with this agency or within this city? (Many therapist may be interns so this information can be helpful if you are searching for a long term therapist)

4. If you can’t afford therapy right now, here are a few things you can try (please note that these suggestions may not work for everyone. Furthermore, these options are not meant to substitute seeking a trained clinician)

  • Journaling
  • Creating vision boards for mental health
  • Physical activity
  • Making self care a priority (choose you first, everyday!)

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By Khadija Bingham

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