Let’s Talk Money, Honey: Can I Be a Christian and Still Desire to Be Rich?

Let’s Talk Money, Honey is a segment where I interview people, who I believe to be experts, on various topics. We all know that I am not an expert on everything, so I use this segment to bring you expertise, perspective and opinions from others.

I’ve always had this battle within myself between my faith/spirituality and the desire to be rich one day. Ultimately wondering if I could still be be pleasing to God with my desires to be rich on day.

I had the opportunity to sit with one of my college professors/advisors, Professor Ed Babcock, about his thoughts around tithing and being a steward of God’s money. During this conversation, I learned a ton and gained an entire new perspective on money and what it means for God’s kingdom. During this video I asked the following questions:

1. Can I be a Christian and desire to be rich and famous?

2. At want point during your spiritual journey did you realize that your blessings and money were not really yours?

3. What are your thoughts on tithing? Does it have to be with money or can it be with other resources?

4. What does stewardship and tithing look like for low-income individuals?

Take a look at the video for Professor Babcocks POWERFUL responses!

By Khadija Bingham

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