Let’s Talk Money Honey: How to See the World on a Budget

Here’s your recap for July’s segment of Let’s Talk Money Honey!

Let’s Talk Money Honey is a monthly segment of interviews held on Instagram Live, and this month we talked all about traveling with Kalyn, of Weight Loss Travel Gains.

For those of you who missed it live, I caught up with Kalyn after the interview and she provided some information to keep the conversation going!

1. Here are a few travel sites/groups that Kalyn loves and gets inspiration from!

  • Facebook Pages:

Black Travel Movement, Black Girl Travel Movement, Travel Community, Solo Women Travelers

  • Blogs:

Travel Noir, The Traveling Child

  • Instagram Accounts:

@Travelingcocoagirls, @BlackTravelJourney, @TravelNoire, @BlackTravelFeed, @theBlackOutdoors, @MelaninTravel, @BlackTravelista, @ThebBlackTravelClub, @BlackTravelGram, @Girlsthatwander, @theMelaninTravelClub, @TravelIstheNewClub, @MelaninMajority, @DivaDaysTravel

2. When planning travel, here are the sites that Kalyn uses

Next Vacay, Momomdo.com, skyscanner.com, Travelocity.com, Hotels.com, AirBNB.com, cheapoair.com, TravelPirate.com, Google Flights, and the Hopper app.

3. Kalyn is in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Europe and she shared with us the spreadsheet she’s using to prepare. Click here to see how she starts the planning process.

4. Here’s a few final tips from Kalyn:

– The number one tip I tell people, have a separate savings account and do not touch it unless it is for travel. Set aside $50-$100 USD dollars a check, into this separate account that you do not pay bills from, you do not use for emergencies, and you don’t frivolously dip into.

– The number two tip is to be a bully in your planning, find the deals, ask for advice in travel groups and be strategic in what you do. Travel agents are good and can take the stress away from planning but doing your own research can be simple.

– The number three tip is to be flexible. Sometimes the dates you want aren’t the cheapest, can you move your vacation times around? Other times, deals are available for other destinations than what you’re planning for, being flexible in where you want to go can save hundreds of dollars. Also, what airport you fly out of and your flexibility in leaving out of say, JFK (John F Kennedy) vs. EWR (Newark Airport), can be the difference in hundreds of dollars saved. Lastly, being open to layovers.

– And to wrap it up, just do it! There is no better learning experience than emerging yourself in a new culture, meeting new people and doing new things. You won’t regret booking that trip and making new memories.

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By Khadija Bingham

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